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Breivik confessed and said the purpose of the attack was to save Norway and Western Europe from a Muslim takeover, and that the Labour Party had to "pay the price" for "letting down Norway and the Norwegian people." The indictment was ready in early March 2012.The Director of Public Prosecutions had initially decided to censor the document to the public, leaving out the names of the victims as well as details about their deaths.

According to official data, Breivik visited Belarus only once, as a tourist in 2005.He sets the cost of the preparations for the attacks at €317,000 – "130,000 out of pocket and 187,500 euros in lost revenue over three years." [sic] Breivik's farmer neighbour described him as looking like a "city dweller, who wore expensive shirts and who knew nothing about rural ways".Breivik had also covered up the windows of his house.He was sentenced to 21 years in prison, in a form of preventive detention that required a minimum of 10 years incarceration and the possibility of one or more extensions for as long as he is deemed a danger to society. Breivik announced that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the court and therefore did not accept its decision—he claims he "cannot" appeal because this would legitimize the authority of the Oslo District Court.In 2016, in a four-day civil trial Breivik sued Norwegian Correctional Service, over his solitary confinement and the general conditions of imprisonment.

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Due to the public's reaction, this decision was reversed prior to its release.

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