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Mithraea were generally built partly or completely underground, representing the cave in which Mithras was said to have slain the primordial bull, thereby unleashing the powers of creativity and life into the world. With its focus on a saviour, sacrifice, and rebirth, it was also a serious threat to early Christianity.It was exclusive to males, who rose through its seven levels by means of fearsome initiation ceremonies.In addition we were awarded all three levels of their Hallmark Standards which are a quality standards scheme for village halls.Langford Budville is the first village hall to apply for all three levels in one attempt and actually achieve all three awards.The hall lies on the Western edge of the village on a site which was previously agricultural land.In this position uninterrupted views of the village, the Blackdown & Quantock hills can be enjoyed.Langford Budville is a small village lying some 2 miles to the northwest of Wellington in Somerset & some 8 miles from Taunton.Access to the village is easily gained from the M5 (junctions 26 and 27) via the A38.

The Gardens have classic and contemporary features such as; the 'hot' Herbaceous Border; the Blue Garden; the Sub-Tropical Walk; and a Victorian style fernery, amongst others. For information on our sustainability and wildlife practices, click here.

Two companion documents show the families of earls whose earldoms were created between 11, and between 12.

William I King of England granted extensive estates to Norman barons as a reward for their part in the conquest of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom.

Discovery of the Temple Discovered accidentally during construction work beside the Walbrook, London, this temple to the Persian god of light and the sun was moved to a site in Temple Court, Queen Victoria Street, so the workers could get on with the job.

In 2012, after 58 years at Temple Court, the London Mithraeum, as it is often called, was returned to its Wallbrook site and re-erected on its original foundations. It emphasized courage, integrity, and moral behaviour, and became very popular with soldiers of the Roman army.

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Since then they have been accredited as a ‘quality assured visitor attraction' by Visit England and named as a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) partner garden.

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