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Their conversation became whispers at one point and I grew suspicious. Peter was going to have one fine piece of ass soon. ”Her face turned even redder and she said, “Yes, of course. We went inside and Peter turned me around and pulled me to him.

Sheila was sitting between me and Peter, so I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying. Not at all like the Mexican cuisine one gets in the States. He kissed my neck and shoulders as he took off my shorts and pushed them to the ground. I don’t know how he did it, but he fucked me until I had two wonderful orgasms.

Sheila and I arrived at the bus early and got seats up front right behind the driver. But he talked to both of us between his announcements to the whole party of tourists on the bus.

He tried to hide it when he saw me looking, but it was too late. Then he ran his cock up and down the crack of my ass and said, ‘Your ass is perfect, Sheila.’ It really turned me on with his heavy German accent. Then he made one big thrust up into me that lifted my feet way off the ground and started cumming. I’d love to.” I was thrilled that things got going so quickly. Why don’t you come to my room and we can shower together.”“Oh, I love the way you think.” * When Kelly pulled off her t-shirt and bikini, my knees almost buckled.

We all loaded on the bus and went to the nearby town for lunch. I love you.” She kissed me and they walked away in the direction of the heavy woods that surround the ruins. ” * As we crawled into bed, I said, “Okay, tell me everything.”“Well, Peter took me to a ruin deep in the woods that is just beginning to be cleared.

Everyone wanted “authentic” Mexican food, so we ordered and Peter talked to Sheila. ”“Okay, but you HAVE to tell me every detail tonight. Damn, she looked so sexy with her long hair, her tanned body, and the best booty I’ve ever seen! I could tell that she’d had an orgasm not long before.“Well? She kissed me and said, “I’ll tell you tonight.”“Did you have a good time? It was a building with four walls and a lot of vines everywhere and a tree growing up out of the floor.

One of them I’d noticed at the pool and she had noticed me I think, so she was where I started.“Hi, I’m Ken. I never did ask her age, but I would guess that she was eighteen or nineteen. Her hair felt so sensuous with the shampoo foam, so I held her head and fucked her mouth as she closed her lips tightly around it.

Her tongue was slithering under it as I humped her face.

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