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Custom expressions could help in cases when a certain logic should be applied to the UI, while keeping the underlying business data and logic clear.

To be more specific, let's see a basic binding expression example.

For executing the function in the code behind, the following syntax should be used in the XML - tap="on Tap" and for the function from the binding Context - tap="". All examples above demonstrate how to bind a UI element to a property of the binding Context.

If there is only plain data, there is no property to bind, so the binding should be to the entire object.

Label; const target Label = new Label(); After that, the target objects bind to the source object.

The Text Field uses a two-way binding, so the user input could change the property in the code.

An important part of the data binding is setting the source object.

The second parameter is the expression that will be evaluated.So, the inner UI element cannot access the binding context of the 'List View'.In order to solve this problem, Native Script binding infrastructure has two special keywords: .Thus, the property in the code has to raise a property Change event in order to notify the // create the Text Field const Text Field = require("ui/text-field").Text Field; const target Text Field = new Text Field(); // create the Label const Label = require("ui/label").

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To implement such a functionality, the source object should have an event handler function.

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