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Another interesting presentation was by John Bloom entitled .

This presentation demonstrated that the evangelical community has become acclimated to a liberal view of the influence of Ancient Near Eastern literature on understanding the Genesis account.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated quen'ing. oapliim of Parii, anil willi the annjr of occcit AUon Id Ptuoc M Malor Ito B acrttil lliir oampalgn* (if 1811, 1^ 13, 14, and l A wlih lb« d-Jd. hill* nnd ■■iilwnik K l rklrmbiirt with the rear-|* dc Mnllna and Alm Biu.

We also ask that you: Moke non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-cojnjnercial purposes. inrlitdln K the •etki M of Arroro dc Mollnu, taking of Alnianu, di Anoe of Alba do Tomu*, battluof Vll Uirlai ■Air at tlie i»t» o( Whvb, batllus of tki- l^jren MH, wnaiadrd In tha kit Ii^ liy a Biankrt-ball j ha Slaa of the Kitdle and' tiie N'irt, taklnx th«i llalghb of La Carta, batllv orurth M. , Quatre Unu-wounded In tha Mt foot bj Biou Afi-ball; and bnith) of ll'aiorl DU.'^winiailiil la the right arm by a inntket-hall. Sc T%ai alao Uic tninimisn of 1610, md wa* pra Mnt l U ihc bottlu at Watrrloo.

One important announcement made during the desert and coffee time was a recent decision concerning the winter dig event.

As you know, the current level of discord in the area could have an effect on the Maqatir dig.

The theme of the ETS annual meeting was "Marriage and the Family," and the NEAS' theme was appropriately "Archaeology of the Family." Additional sessions on Asia and Christianity, Israelite Archaeology, Biblical Chronology, and General Topics were also part of the NEAS program.

Attendance at each session was around 25-30 attendees, all seeking to increase their understanding of the archaeology of the land. Three came from Turkey, and as might be expected the majority were from the United States.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public doinain. Sunul wltb Uiu 39lh at tbi: battle of Touliiiaac, when Ittw ic uftl* wmuu Mi- AIbo, in Uw- Awn Hoiui nar, si Plattntrarfr ; atui alai.-(|iiciitlf at tfac ntiliirc of rkrit.' M M^or ttf^tr sfrtnl in th« Pmlnpii U wlih tlw 83d liraan Ang. 1800, indadlng Ite faji Ciira of Upnrtn anil b&lll R of 'I'alavi'n.

The Associates for Biblical Research (ABR) was well represented, with our dig team and ABR staff members being significant contributors to the NEAS sessions.

They began with Boyd Seevers and Rachel Korhonen's Israelite seals presentation that also included pictures of Rachel re-creating seals.

Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. twlait Ui K Uw Imtlln of Itu Mi^n and Fiieiitn d'Ouor, ainn: of tite furli at Safauniiin H, lanl M of 8«Iaiu Biica, ihc Pyn-(!

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. tt'lk Bud tbc Xirc, iw Uuiune M HUart, a Sblr of l^b M, ka BJr of Ttoalo M*. eoi«rlnit of tli« *l«gn ivf Kachijuit, In Mutvli ami April MIS, luid Itatlln of tliii KIvl-IIl- and ili« tiivtr. lnilln|t thi- arlloanuf (■: liatt U* 'if Ta Uvera (iinund«l)a4id Ihi M(^, acti Mia at Ef^plnai nnd Vor d'Amiirr, rcpu W of a aortlf al i:liiii Hd Kodtlgo, bal Ue of Ho Uuianoi, ea|ilur« of the Krliro at DIadrld, mkla K«rth? Clnjton EAit Iliuiry Wallfn G«orgp Juliti Walinsl^y .

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Accordingly, this meeting is where ABR scholars spend most of their time during the conference.

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