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on Saturday, February 27, 2016, the Waynesville Police Department received a phone call from the facility. Sergeant Dee Parton was quickly dispatched to the nursing home just around the corner from the new police station downtown. When Shalda spoke to Robertson about the same accusation the next day, Robertson allegedly said again she would "handle it" and that "they needed to keep everyone out of the issue." But Shalda knew the aide had been accused of something similar before.The nurse, 35-year-old Krista Shalda, greeted Parton and told her a current female resident claimed a male nursing aide had assaulted her on Thursday night. She was not going to stand by and let Robertson keep it quiet. She told the sergeant about previous incidents, accusations made against this man by both a patient and a staff member. The 53-year-old resident was "sitting on the side of her bed," according to Parton's report, "with her oxygen on." And she was crying.Waynesville is a town of less than 10,000, a mix of lifelong residents and so-called halfbacks, retirees from the North who tried living in Florida, then ended up here, less than an hour from trendy Asheville, in the Great Smoky Mountains. The move was a big adjustment for Gomez, who'd come to the United States from Guatemala and spoke only Spanish."It was such a culture shock to him," said Rob Burns, a close friend and neighbor.Almost a year later, as part of an investigation into sexual abuse at nursing homes across the country, we asked the woman some of the same questions, over the phone. "We were friends; we would joke around." He also told her he wanted to marry her.What she told us was remarkably similar to what she recounted to police that day. For weeks, she said, he would enter her room, make sure the curtain around her bed was closed and kiss her. But she kept quiet, worried that if she spoke up Gomez would get angry.Instead, an officer was asked to take the woman to a nearby hospital.There she was escorted to the sixth floor and locked in the psychiatric ward. "I am really telling the truth here, and it's really not fair you're turning a deaf ear to what I'm saying," she remembers telling hospital workers in the ward, where she had been a patient before.

A former co-worker said most nursing assistants rarely went the extra step for their patients. He would alert a nurse that a resident needed a new bandage, for instance, and he took the time to get to know his patients and their families. A month after the stroke victim left the Brian Center, at p.m.She'd been dismissed as a complainer, a troublemaker, an attention seeker.But as it turned out, she wasn't the first nursing home resident to complain about Luis Gomez. Sometime around his 40th birthday, Luis Gomez started a new life in an unlikely place.Then he was hired by a nursing home at the base of a tree-covered hill called Autumn Care of Waynesville.During the next 15 or so years, he would bounce between Autumn Care and at least four other nursing homes, including the Brian Center.

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