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One bone of contention in relation to the Apple ID’s from many consumers since the release of i Cloud is that you can’t merge your Apple ID’s.

They will now be ready to import into i Cloud with your new Apple ID using the same method – Just select “Import Contacts”i Cloud uses your Apple ID to share your photos in Photostream and Shared Albums, but you also have the originals on your devices (unless you’ve deleted them.Log in to i Cloud with your old Apple ID and select “Contacts”.Select them all (CMD A if using a Mac) and in the bottom left-hand corner, click the cog.However, here’s the lowdown on how you can get all your important information and transfer it over to just a single Apple ID.The one you’ll most likely want to keep is the one you use for all of your App Store Purchases and i Messages, that is unless you want to go and purchase all of your Apps again and pay for them twice as well as downloading them all over again (it’s a no-brainer really).

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Mac and i Tools) were under a prerequisite to create a @email address to use the service and so began the fallout when Apple introduced the App Store.

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