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After a few sessions, he diagnosed my wife as BP and sent her to a psychyatrist who agreed and put her on Depakote.I thought things were getting better, but found out in February that she had continued to see “Dom” on occassion and spoke with him on the phone several times a day. He felt bad for me, but told me that she was addicted to the self-medication, that being the fantasy life with “Dom.” She promised no more contact.“What that tells us is that even if we get you back to where we want you, we have to be on guard for relapse because this has jumped you already four different times in the past year,” he explains.This specifier can be applied to either a manic or depressive episode to indicate a break with reality, such as hallucinations (seeing or hearing things which aren’t there) and delusions (believing things that aren’t true).

I am now thinking divorce is the only route I have left.It’s also a widely misunderstood term, often used to describe symptoms that fluctuate by the day or even the hour.Youngstrom prefers “rapid relapsing” or “rapid episoding” to indicate the pattern of distinct but recurring mood shifts.Manic episodes are hard for observers to miss (although the person in mania may not see it), so that a diagnosis of bipolar I often occurs when someone has been hospitalized or has a brush with the law, or relatives insist on getting help.This diagnosis calls for at least one lifetime episode of major depression plus at least one hypomanic episode.

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