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The receptionist was very friendly and helpful and arranged some cold bar food.Good venue for being near the Waddesdon Manor wedding complex. The family run Hotel was excellent in all respects.Cosy hotel, we stayed before Christmas, lots of decorations and atmosphere.We arrived at 2.30 and hot bar food had finished, which was a shame.We investigated: (i) the association between burrow density and selected ecological variables; (ii) the phylogenetic relationships among these species, based on two mt DNA and one n DNA markers; (iii) their geometric morphometrics and ancestral shape reconstructions, based on twodimensional landmark configurations; and (iv) their body surface-to-volume ratios (SAV), based on a geometric model. tenuis are more closely related, and more elongated than P. tenuis also has a higher SAV, and its elongated shape appears to be a divergent trait. waltoni is found in a wide range of conditions, including vegetated habitats; B.

This species has a relatively restricted geographic distribution and have been reported from Singapore, Philippines, Maluku Islands, western New Guinea, and northern Sulawesi.

Whereas heat tolerance could relate to an historical association with the thermally variable and extreme marine intertidal fringe zone, cold tolerance could associate with either an ancestral life at higher latitudes, or represent adaptation to cooler, higher-altitudinal, tropical lotic systems.

The broad upper thermal safety margin (difference between heat tolerance and maximum environmental temperature) observed in this snail is grossly incompatible with the very narrow safety margins typically found in most terrestrial tropical ectotherms (insects and lizards), and hence with the emerging prediction that tropical ectotherms, are especially vulnerable to environmental warming.

The relationship between acute thermal tolerance and habitat temperature in ectotherm animals informs about their thermal adaptation and is used to assess thermal safety margins and sensitivity to climate warming.

We studied this relationship in an equatorial freshwater snail (Clea nigricans), belonging to a predominantly marine gastropod lineage (Neogastropoda, Buccinidae).

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tenuis is associated with high-energy conditions and coarser, non-cohesive sediments.

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