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Also—and not to be discounted—is a possible anger with God that all this is happening. You may now feel that your child is not exactly the same individual you once thought you knew. ." are words with which parents can torture themselves at this stage.You envision that your son or daughter may never give you grandchildren. Regrets and disappointments rise up like ghosts from the past.They are inseparably joined and rooted in one person, Jesus Christ, who reveals God to be ultimate truth and saving love.We address our message also to the wider church community, and especially to priests and other pastoral ministers, asking that our words be translated into attitudes and actions that follow the way of love, as Christ has taught.This is why we bishops, as pastors and teachers, write to you.

In recent years we have tried to reach out to families in difficult circumstances.

It is a path leading from where we are to where we know God is calling us.

First, don't break off contact; don't reject your child.

The purpose of this pastoral message is to reach out to parents trying to cope with the discovery of homosexuality in their adolescent or adult child.

It urges families to draw upon the reservoirs of faith, hope, and love as they face uncharted futures.

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